SAAS Enterprises

What is vendor management software?

Vendor management software, or vendor management systems (VMS), provide a centralized repository for communication, project, and payroll management for businesses employing contingent labor, including vendors, contractors, and freelancers.

How can vendor management software help my company?  VMS software provides your company with:

Contract Renew Services
Ensures that current updated contracts are in place for vendor and freelancers
Regulatory Compliance
An integrated approach to monitor, document and show proof of compliance
Internal Audit
Provides end to end documentation for all vendor and freelancers

SAAS Enterprises out of the box the emCache software solution provides

Onboarding capabilities making easier for Human Resources personnel to bring on employees, contingency workers and freelancers
Automated email feature allows workers to upload documents for admin review.  Eliminating the need for hard copy document and protecting personal identifiable information (PII)
Sets limits for the number of resumes a staffing firm can send for an open requisition
Tracks contract / document renewal dates for vendors and freelancers

Tracks hours worked
Creates simplified payroll extract
Provides Excel Reporting